If I Was A Cat (IIWAC)

The game is about Chadwick, a red cat with a British accent. It starts in a cabin in snowy nature environment. Chadwick's goal is to make it through woods and meadows and over mountains to reach the city and find a new home. He’ll meet other woodland animals and pets, communicate and live through adventures with and for them. He’ll also meet some human beings on his journey.
The project currently is in prototyping phase. Some of the key mechanics are already in place and progress is good.

- Play as Chadwick, a red cat with a British accent
- Social commentary by the narrator, the old Chadwick telling his adventures from the off
- CatVision™
- Hunting mechanics
- Climb almost anything (but level bounds and your everyday filler tree)

Music by Aleksey Chistilin on Pixabay