Childhood ambitions at the brink of society

Information, thoughts and experiences, i.a. on topics like games and game development with Unity, every so often riddled with insights into the life of a mentally ill person and - well, also a little bit of self-display.

Achievement unlocked!

Pensioner at age 34...

... fully reduced earning capacity pensioner because of health reasons, to be exact. So a shame for my country, my family and my neighbors. Also because I can't always do justice to the good ol' German duty of 'Kehrwoche' (rotating time period during which a resident of e.g. an apartment is responsible for cleaning shared areas in and around the building such as sidewalks, driveways, hallways, etc... yes, that's actually a thing here). Always depending on the current state of health.
In addition, close to the official poverty line. Seen from below.

So what remains when, after a relatively difficult start in life for current German conditions, you lose everything you've fought for all at once?

Back to basics!(?)

In my case, concretely: the crafting of games. That's what these pages are mainly about, as documentation and playground for myself. But maybe also for one or two visitors who are interested in playing and creating games and extraordinary topics around it. Spiced with some depressive mood and one mentally odd thought or another.

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